Friday, February 17, 2012

Consignment Sale Love

For those of you how read my personal blog and follow me on FB/Twitter, you know that I have a sick obsession with children's consignment sales.  I LOVE THEM!  When I was pregnant with Nicholas, I went to Just Between Friends for the first time and from that day on, I was hooked!  It can be very overwhelming, so I wanted to write a post to help Mommies that want to shop sales, but are overwhelmed or not sure how to get started.
This is the haul I brought home last Spring, about 20 different outfits for less than $100!  Now, how did I do that???
1. If you are an expecting/new Mommy, make sure you register for the First Time Mom Sale during the presale at all of the different consignment sales.  Go to your local sale websites (example, Just Between Friends, Jack and Jill, Duck Duck Goose, Rae Lana, etc) and register there.  It is well worth it to get to shop before the general public.  
2. Make a list of everything you want to purchase.  My priority has been things such as a Little Tikes slide, Mickey Mouse, cowboy boots, and a jumperoo.  Another advantage to shopping the presale is to have a better chance at finding your priority items.  Think about what clothes you want and what sizes you are looking for.  This season I am looking for plaid shorts, polos, appliqued t's, and anything for school in 18months to 2T.  If you are pregnant and needing good quality baby gear for a very affordable price (especially for a granparent or sitter), this is a wonderful way to get it!
3.  You will want to dress comfortably and be prepared to wait in line to get in and to check out.  You will also need a laundry basket or a large tote that you can carry what you find.  They do not have shopping bags or carts, so this is a good way to shop.  I personally use a Thirty-One large utility tote.
4.  Check to see what forms of payment they take.  There is a sale in Chattanooga that is cash or check only.
5.  Be prepared to spend 2-4 hours and for large crowd, even at the presales.
6.  Have fun!!!  

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